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Materials Dabase 


"AIRCELLE chose to work with BASSETTI, to establish a superior system to better manage their material data.
The nacelle manufacturer wished to have a platform to capitalize, to share, and to value material data (Experimental Results and dimension values). 8 months later, the project allowed for the materials department to have a database to create and manage technical information..."

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"TEEXMA®’s Guide of Choice feature allows us to make multicriteria research and to retrieve information very easily. I can now easily categorize all our research by chemical composition, reference of materials, basic norms, etc… I never knew it could be so simple! Other very useful functions are the abilities to  compare materials and to have a graphics view..."

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Reference Database


" We needed to have our important industrial network back in order to set up this capitalization project. EDF and the DGA have both greatly impacted the project. TEEXMA® is a collaborative platform which groups a lot of work and references from technical industrial centers and laboratories. They contribute information into the database about titanium implementation."

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"The balance sheet is now looking very positive, TEEXMA® is at the heart of the process of technical data management..."

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Experimental Data Management


"The flexibility of the system was very important to us. The new system completely adapted itself to our needs, which is exactly what we had hoped for. In addition to that, we can now also use the Multicriteria selection, and automatic extraction of documents..."

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"Our Research department had been looking for new software that could effectively manage our technical data. They wanted to collect and share information on a unique system. It was very important that any new software that we implement have the capabilities to share information between the biology, chemistry, and medical imaging departments..."

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"TEEXMA® responded to the main functions of the specification, namely a data structure, a workflow module, a search function, extraction, and automatic document drafting. The tool has the ability to automate data acquisition directly from the means. It also gave us the ability to export data in a variety of formats (NP, Excel, Word, etc.).
It is a flexible system, allowing the structure to evolve easily from the Administration module. Furthermore it acts as a measurement tool, for which specific developments have been made to completely meet our expectations..."

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"The system must allow for us :
To have easy access to the information that will justify the effective austenoferritic steel components of the nuclear reactor’s primary circuit..."

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Lessons Learned


 "We have plans to implement TEEXMA® in our Manganese chemical laboratories, which represent 5 of our global subsidiaries..."

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"BASSETTI proposed a pragmatic so.lution to us, which directly responded to our needs and also contained many other advantages as well..."

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Management of REACh


"We had initally searched for several so.lutions on the Internet, which then led to a very long search process of trying to find the most appropriate so.lution. We then made several comparisons before finally mading our selection. We were challenged by what TEEXMA® offered. Among the final selection of six possible sol.utions, TEEXMA® was the one that ultimately best met our needs and came with the best se.rvice quality and price..."

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AREVA (Eurodif)

"Bassetti was in charge of the study and the creation and installation of the system. They integrated TEEXMA®, which allows you to have data capture rules for each entry, combining data characterization..."

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Technical Data Management


"TEEXMA® allows us to do many different kinds of research and the information is seized only once. We now also have a better visibility of our product’s life and development cycle as well. There are so many possibilities with this new system..."

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