Having a customizable structure:

TEEXMA® is an extremely flexible tool which is able to meet very specific requirements with diverse applications. TEEXMA® can be customized (without programming) to meet the specific needs of customer projects in various contexts. Each customer application will be entirely personalized and specific.


Beyond its flexibility, TEEXMA® is also credited with a great scalable capacity to both expand its scope to new applications and/or meet new or changing requirements. It allows for the modification of the data structure.

Safety and traceability:

The system has been designed to insure a high level of security. Access to data is login and password controlled, according to the access rights defined for each user or user group by the administrator. The system can be parametrized to keep track of different elements during the input or modification such as: origin of the data, experimental context, degree of confidence, associated documents, contributor name, input entry date, etc.

Other notable advantages :

  • Implementation of the software by "successive prototyping"
  • The creation and extraction of documents automatically
  • Quick generation of Multicriterion Selections
  • Fully customizable h.ome page
  • Uniqueness of the data
  • Management of scientific and technical information (map, curves, tables, etc.).
  • Quick modifications of data through Viewing/Editing modes
  • Interface capabilities with already existing tools (ERP, POAG, CMMS, PLM, etc.)