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 Technical Database

In an evermore intangible environment, effective and efficient management of R&D technical data and knowledge has become a vital key to company success.

TEEXMA® is a dedicated tool which enables the management of business reference data and the collaborative management of technical data.

Our observations:

  • An increase in the quantity of technical data without having any structure for sharing knowledge
  • Lack of a capitalization process
  • No formal structure
  • Many local databases
  • Every user has their own way of working

Your current situation:
Based on a unique repository TEEXMA® formalizes business processes, rules out redundancies, ensures the traceability of data, and facilitates development.

TEEXMA® ensures:

  • The sharing and transmission of knowledge
  • The durability of technical heritage
  • The comprehension of the trade for new users
  • Data traceability with a unique repository
  • Unity and adaptability of the information system.