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Lessons learned Management

 “When completing the design of a product, past errors are often a source of difficulty” 

“Transmitting knowledge is becoming more and more important due to increasing turnover”

 “We are unable to capitalize on the ideas which emerge during a project”

Ensuring Lessons learned Management: A key to improvment

The creation and implementation of a practice of lessons learned management, is a truly methodological approach to business and it requires real expertise in order to be carried out. This practice first involves the identification of the areas within a company which are in need of improvement and then it involes determining how to initiate the implementation of new strategies. The valuation of lessons learned management is not easy to pinpoint because it is not only about the capitalization of data but also the knowledge and know-how of the human element.

Being experts in this field, BASSETTI is capabale of meeting the various challenges that come with the process of lessons learned management for businesses. The first step that BASSETTI takes is guiding the transmission of experience and knowledge capitalization. The implementation of this business strategy improves internal business processes and working methods and helps to identify the useful practices to follow.

The Challenges:

  • Ensure that experience is transmitted
  • Improve trade processes and work methods
  • Save time
  • Avoid making past errors
  • Identify and encourage best practice

TEEXMA® - Lessons learned Management procedure:

TEEXMA® allows you to easily locate your information for optimized reuse. Navigation links for products, processes, suppliers, etc. come provided on all of the capitalized lessons on each of these different elements. With the ability to use both the text field search and the Multi-criterion Search feature based on the type of data that needs to be retrieved, TEEXMA® LLM shows that it is a real working and decision-making asset.


Our expertise advice in technical knowledge management provides assistance throughout the Lessons Learned Management. This support is focused around three important points:

  • Creation / improvement of Feedback from Experience processes.
  • Assistance in analyzing Feedback, with the creation of communities of practice.
  • Methodology for structuring and exploiting data.


Formalizing experience and making it permanent are the key challenges to exploitingthe Lessons learned Management. A structure for capturing this Feedback is necessary.

TEEXMA®: The software that enables experts to effectively manage their Feedback.