Banniere  materiaux

Materials data

Materials data is critical because it must be structured, secured, controlled, and traced.

R&D Departments and Laboratories need to be able to exploit this data easily, rapidly, and efficiently. It’s important to have genuine expertise manufacturing and managing the materials. Establishing a reference material database will allow for the knowledge to be valued and for the data to be capitalized.
TEEXMA® Materials goes beyond what typical materials software packages can offer. TEEXMA® can create a single professional repository which enhances expert knowledge and capitalizes on data.

 Materials data is:

  • Often Specific to a single profession
  • Scalable by nature
  • Context sensitive
  • Not always properly structured and formatted

TEEXMA® Materials can respond to several issues related to materials data management.

With TEEXMA® be able to benefit from the ability to:

  • Create a materials database
  • Use experimental data management
  • Structure internal knowledge and formalize the lessons learned from the materials
  • Automatically create formalized, technical documents
  • Calculate the properties of the materials from primary trial data
  • Have access to dimensions and digital simulations
  • Create a guide of choice specifically for materials
  • Automatically create documents from the capitalized data
  • Be able to rapidly search through the materials data


  • Obtain a transverse and global view of the data on materials
  • Optimize the selection of materials through the Multicriterion Search feature
  • Establish a single, central repository for all data related materials (Implementation of processes, heat treatment, surface treatments, applications, etc.)
  • Make equivalences between materials (standards)
  • Standardize your references
  • Quickly synchronize your data with other information systems (ERP, PLM, etc.)