Intelligence platform

 The intelligence platform is a tool that is used for managing information resources in order to make an organization more rational and competitive. TEEXMA®’s functionalities are perfectly adapted to the technical domain, making it a unique and highly suitable tool for structuring, capturing and transmitting intelligence information.

TEEXMA® is  a tool that capable of:

  • Creating links between products, competitors, and innovative technology
  • Managing tracking
  • Organizing technical information
  • Following the evolution of strategic subjects
  • Managing thesauruses
  • Reusing information after treatment

TEEXMA® for managing intelligence results:

  • Surveillance and anticipation of changes that were made in an environment
  • Exploitation of information to assist decision-making

TEEXMA®: a high performance sharing tool:

  • Diffusion of selective Workflow data
  • Alert personnel in various departments
  • Sharing of data between different industrial sites
  • Optimization of collaboration between experts