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Assure the validity and traceability of your testing results

Because it is very often high value added data that requires expertise treatment, test results need to be greatly valued. It is very important for companies to ensure the reliability of test results and to be able to easily relocate them when it is needed.

TEEXMA® enables companies to ensure this level of traceability. After a test has been carried out it becomes very easy to relocate, allowing the company to avoid repeat testing due to lost results. To further ensure this confidence, TEEXMA® allows for the contextualization of results (experimental condition and measurement protocol). This ability to contextualize results ensures their operability.

Among many others, one other very important point regarding test management is the writing of the reports (The task itself rather than the administrative functions) This is a low value added task however it does require a lot of time for experts, time that they could otherwise use to focus on more strategic functions for the company. TEEXMA® has the ability to automatically generate reports using the testing data that is available within the database. With TEEXMA® what was once a long and tedious task of drawing up these documents now takes only a matter of seconds. 

Main challenges

  • Optimize the processes and the acquisition of data
  • Give value to the testing data (Be able to easily retrieve and contextualize this data)
  • Trace, distribute, and make testing data reliable (Create documents, secure them, validate them, and then distribute them all within the same tool)
  • Transverse experimental data


Multicriterion selection:

  • Compare experimental data
  • Research experimental data easily

The system includes a powerful multi-criterion comparison and selection module, based on user defined queries that can be recorded and reused. The objective is to guide the expert in his technical choices and to enable an easy comparison of data.

Extraction :

  • Automatically create reports and documents, extracted from capitalized data fromthe database and do so while avoiding data entry errors (Extraction Module)
  • Acheive a greater level of traceability of internal business processes (Archiving of test reports)

Statistics module :

  • Have a synthetic view of your data
  • Identify correlations and display the distributions
  • Estimate the data that is missing
  • Measure incertitudes

The system integrates a statistics module, making it possible to synthesize the knowledge contained within TEEXMA® and to carry out estimates. This specific module helps to identify correlations or trends and allows for the evaluation of missing data. It can also be used to detect atypical values in a data set.


  • Ensure the validity and the traceability of the results
  • Transversally exploit your data
  • Create statistical analysis
  • Easily retrieve past-runned trials