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collaborative platform

Collaborative Work Platform 

Technical expertise capital is an essential part of the structural capital of a company. It is therefore crucial to preserve its durability and make it fruitful. Management of technical Knowledge has become a key preoccupation that is evermore important for enabling sharing and collaborative work within companies.

Experts produce new technical knowledge daily;

TEEXMA® will ensure:

• Data backup
• Research and inquiry
• Knowledge sharing
• Durability and security of technical data

TEEXMA® - The challenges of technical knowledge management:

• Develop sharing and collaborative work
• Favor diffusion and valuing of technical knowledge
• Increase individual and team productivity
• Master the document flow and its traceability
• Reduce time spent on relocating information

TEEXMA® – There is nothing more effective than collaborative work when it comes to combining creative energy and enhancing innovation:

It has become evermore essential to facilitate communication and value the relations between co-workers, to give each contributor the necessary information to enable them to carry out their individual tasks, and also to favor the exchange and sharing of experience and know-how. To meet these needs, TEEXMA® comes as a fully customizable software platform that is dedicated to harmonize the management and facilitate the validation of all types of documents throughout their life cycle.