EADS Innovation Works manage their experimental data with TEEXMA®

Gérald Martinez, TEEXMA® Project Manager’s Testimony :

Context :
« Before using TEEXMA®, we had been using a system for 10 years that we had created ourselves. Our system was very limited, it was difficult to maintain, and it made it very difficult to conduct research. It was a mess, and what we really wanted was a system that had a real « Tool Box » that was adaptable to our needs and to save time and money we needed to find an all inclusive solution. TEEXMA® did all of that for us and even more. The flexible capabilities that it maintains makes it a must have over some of the other systems that we had looked at.»

Our Collaboration With BASSETTI :
«Bassetti’s team was very reactive and professional throughout the whole implementation process. They left a very good impression with our company and I am very satisfied with our collaboration.»

TEEXMA® Advantages According to Gérald Martinez :
«The flexibility of the system was very important to us. The new system completely adapted itself to our needs, which is exactly what we had hoped for. In addition to that, we can now also use the Multicriteria selection, and automatic extraction of documents. The software also allows us to centralize information and to research data more easily than ever before. Another great advantage of TEEXMA® is that it can be interfaced with exisiting systems that are already located within a company and once it has been integrated it coexists wonderfully.»