LIEBHERR Aerospace Toulouse and BASSETTI : A Successful Collaboration

Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of air systems for aircraft.
Below is Laurent Assel‘s Testimony, Materials laboratory Manager :

The Context :

«The high demand for reliable material data for aircraft manufacturers pushed us to create a material database, so that we could better rationalize and centralize company information (Laboratory, Purchasing service, methods, etc…). We wanted to make the data more reliable and to possess a unique system that can manage all of the material data.»

The Method :

We wrote down our list of needs and specifications and contacted several different companies that proposed a solution that adhered to a material database. We decided to go with the services of Bassetti as they responded to our expectations of cost and quality at a higher level than the others. We wanted a flexible system that was easily adaptable to our needs and culture and they gave us just that.


A German subsidiary of this company also had identical needs, so we offered them our services and we worked together to develop a unique multilingual system for their use. Our IT Manager, Sebastien Lehunsec, even assured a quality interface of TEEXMA® with all of the other exisiting systems that were in use within the company. Today this company now has access to view all of their databases in one convinent location within the TEEXMA® network.

«TEEXMA®’s Guide of Choice feature allows us to make multicriteria research and to retrieve information very easily. I can now easily categorize all our research by chemical composition, reference of materials, basic norms, etc… I never knew it could be so simple! Other very useful functions are the abilities to compare materials and to have a graphics view.»

Our Collaboration with BASSETTI:
«We greatly greatly appreciated the internal intelligence and obvious expertise of Bassetti and even after the completion of the project they are are still answering to all of our needs and going well beyond expectations.»

Projects (In the future) :

« We have just completed a database for ingredients and we are now currently constructing a metallic and plastic materials database as well. We also have plans to create a database for obsolete chemicals, a project of REACh management with TEEXMA®, and an overall mass assessment of these projects. A rough deadline of the end of 2012 has been put into place for the completion of these projects.»