Bandeau TEEXMA Website

TEEXMA® is the first collaborative tool that is dedicated to the world of technical and scientific expertise. It is an entirely customizable, solution that allows you to capitalize on and enhance internal knowledge with high added value. Thanks to its flexibility, TEEXMA® has numerous applications and is specifically targeted for R&D needs.

TEEXMA®’s various functions have been customized in order to address the management needs of R&D’s intangible assets. These functions are borrowed from Technical Data Management Systems, Automatic Document Management, trial management, product lifecycle follow-ups (PLM/PDM), market intelligence/benchmarking, data management, decision help, etc.).

A Unique and Central Professional Repository:

Be able to trace, capitalize, locate and reuse all of your technical information (PDM)

A Secure Level of Knowledge:

Be able to define specific access rights (by viewing, editting, or both) by user or user group

A Scalable Structure:

You will be able to upgrade and evolve TEEXMA® in accordance with your needs, without being required to modify the source code. With just a few simple clicks you will be able to change the structure or design of the system by adding, deleting, relocating, or modifying characteristics.

Highly Flexible:

TEEXMA® is entirely customizable and is capable of adapting to the contexts of any industrial or technical profession.